About MyHousePrice.com

MyHousePrice.com is dedicated to providing the general public with a simple, accurate and cost effective house price information service.

Since 1617 the public have been able to visit the Registers of Scotland to purchase title information relating to a particular property. But now for the first time the 'price paid' information is available to anyone via the Web.

The MyHousePrice.com service is unique. Unlike any other house price information service we publish up-to-date information on all individual property transactions that appear on the Land Register, which is maintained by Registers of Scotland.

MyHousePrice.com have been granted permission by Registers of Scotland to publish extracts from the Land Register. This means MyHousePrice.com customers can analyse property prices for any area they chose themselves (using powerful postcode, street and town searching) without relying on the relatively crude indicators such as average house price currently published by various banks, estate agencies and online property information services.

For a small fee of £1 per property (volume discounts are offered for account holders) you can access the latest housing market information from MyHousePrice.com. We also offer a free searching and e-mail notification service which lets you know when a property within your search area appears on our database.

Please note it is sometimes a a few weeks before a house that has been sold actually appears on the register and a further four weeks before it appears on MyHousePrice.com.

The MyHousePrice.com service currently holds data from May 2000 to the current date for Scotland only.

All of the information available on the MyHousePrice.com web site is derived from public domain information and is held in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you have any queries or would like to suggest ways we can improve the MyHousePrice.com service please contact us.

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