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What is the date given?

In Scotland the date given is the date of registration. This is the date when the property transaction was recorded on the Land Register by Registers of Scotland. This is not the same as the date of sale. It usually takes between a few days and a few months from the actual sale of a property to be registered on the Land Register. The time difference is required for the Solicitor handling the sale to complete the necessary paperwork and forward it for entry on the Land Register.

In England & Wales we give the date of sale.

How much do the reports cost?

  • Our standard 'price paid' reports are £1 per property which includes our local market analysis (where available).
  • We accept all major debit and credit cards

If you envisage using our service on a regular basis or are interested in a large number of properties then you might like to set up a discount account (see our accounts page for more information).

Do you really have the actual price for all properties registered in Britain?

Yes - we receive official data from Registers of Scotland (ROS) for all sales in Scotland and in England & Wales we receive data from The Land Registry (HMLR). We update on a monthly basis.

In Scotland our records are complete back to December 2001 and prior to that we have partial coverage back to May 2000. There are 6 Counties (Caithness, Moray, Orkney & Shetland, Ross & Cromarty, Sutherland, and Banff) that have only been available on the Land Register since April 2003. The "actual price" of a property is recorded by the Registers of Scotland and in some instances this may not represent a conventional market value (e.g. discounted Right to Buy sales ).

In England & Wales our records are complete from April 2000. Non market value residential sales are excluded from these records. Sales in this context are taken to mean the transfer of ownership for value of freehold and long leasehold residential properties.

Will I receive junk e-mail if I register a search with you?

No, you will never receive junk e-mail from us. Nor will we pass your details to any other company or organisation. We exist to provide a house price information service, not to proliferate the dissemination of junk email. We may inform you of developments and offers from time to time, opt-out option will be available.

If I register can I cancel that search at any time?

Yes. Simply click the link provided in the monthly email you receive and your details will be instantly removed from our system. There is no 28 day waiting period, or any other such delay, you will not hear from us again unless you register another search.

Can I pay you to remove my details from your site?

No. The MyHousePrice service is based on official property price information that is in the public domain. There is no option for individuals to exclude details relating to any address from any of the UK Land Registers.

Is what you're doing legal?

Yes. The MyHousePrice service is based on property price information that originates from the official Land Registers and is in the public domain. These Land Registers are public registers and are maintained by the ROS (Registers of Scotland) in Scotland and by HMLR (The Land Registry) in England & Wales.

MyHousePrice.Com Ltd have been granted permission by ROS and HMLR to provide a range of property information services. We acknowledge that the property address and price information contained in our service is Crown copyright. We operate within the terms of the Data Protection Act, and our Data Protection Registration Number is Z7193992.

I have received the details of a transaction where the sale price is listed as £0. What does this mean?

In some cases property exchanges hands without the exchange of full market value for that property. These transactions are categorised and recorded in the Land Register. The most frequent are included within our databases and are described below:

  • Lease
    The letting of a property by a landlord to a tenant for a specified period and on prescribed conditions for the payment of ent.

  • By way of Excambion
    The exchange of one piece of property in return for another.

  • Sub-lease
    The sub-letting of a lease of property by a tenant to a sub-tenant for a specified period and on prescribed conditions for the payment of rent.

  • No consideration
    The transfer of property from one party to an another with no money or other payment passing between them.

  • Certain Good and Onerous Causes
    The transfer of property where there is an unspecified obligation to do so.

  • Love, Favour and Affection
    The transfer of property from one party to another as a gift, usually to a relative or spouse.

  • Implementation of Agreement
    The transfer of property from one party to another after an understanding about a particular issue has been reached, for example on divorce.

  • Implement of Will
    The transfer of property belonging to a person who has died giving effect to the wishes they expressed in their Will.

  • Re-valuation
    The Register of Scotland may in some instances record the revaluation of a property for mortgage purposes.

How does searching by Postcode work?

Searching by postcode does not search directly for postcodes matching your search input in the database of property transactions. Our process first validates the input postcode against the master file published by the Post Office and determines the geographical location of that point. From this we can determine all property transactions located within a reasonable distance.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that we can determine the location of each sale, our ability to do this is determined by the quality of the address information recorded on the register. In some cases (currently approximately 3% of the data set) we are unable to accurately locate the sale and therefore this search method does not include those records.

Register to receive updates on properties in any area:

We update our database of house sales every month, which means we can send you an automatic update if properties sell in an area in which you are interested. To receive these notification follow these simple steps:

  1. Carry out a search as normal, using any of the search options
  2. On the preview page you will see a list of matching sales
  3. Use the link at the bottom of the results page to register your interest in that area
  4. You will then receive monthly notifications of sales in that area
You can opt out of these notifications at any time, using the opt-out link in the monthly notification email.

You can register for as many notifications as you like, for any area that interests you.

Your email address will only ever be used for these notifications and to inform you of developments and offers.

Who are MyHousePrice.Com?

MyHousePrice.Com Ltd. is a UK company set up to publish house price information services using the latest Internet technology. Please use the contact form on our website if you have any further queries.

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